🧨 The shipping carriers we primarily engage are DHL Express and, on rare occasions, FedEx.

📦 While we do not typically utilize EMS for shipping, we can accommodate your preference for EMS if you communicate it through the comments section when placing your order.

Considering the import process, we strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the import regulations and procedures applicable in your country. Being well-informed about these aspects will contribute to a seamless and compliant entry of the ordered items into your country.

Our shipping arrangement is designated as "Ex Works" (EXW), originating from Seoul, South Korea. This term, "Ex Works," has specific implications that warrant a more detailed explanation.

"Ex Works" means that the responsibility for the products and the associated costs transitions from the seller (us) to the buyer (you) at a specific juncture – precisely when the products are made available for pick-up at our facility in Seoul, South Korea.

Practically speaking, this arrangement translates to you, as the buyer, assuming the responsibility for arranging and covering the costs of transportation, insurance, and any applicable import duties or taxes once the products are prepared for dispatch. Furthermore, any risks linked with the transportation and delivery of the products become your responsibility from the moment of collection at our facility.

It is important to note that the "Ex Works" approach obliges us to make the products accessible for collection, while the subsequent handling, transportation, and related expenditures become your prerogative as the buyer.