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Celosome Aqua HA 60 Sodium Hyaluronate Gel - Biorevitalizant with a high content of hyaluronic acid
Celosome Aqua, an innovative new generation biorevitalization drug, is a successful development of the South Korean company ExoCoBio Inc.
A modern highly effective drug based on non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid for skin biorevitalization. The product is a clear, colorless, sterile, biodegradable, latex-free injectable gel. This gel enhances hydration and revitalization of the skin, improves elasticity and restores the skin's natural radiance. Hyaluronic acid is known for its remarkable properties: it smoothes and rejuvenates the skin due to its unique ability to bind and retain water. It can also bind collagen and elastin and help transport vital nutrients to skin tissue.
Celesome Aqua contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (24 mg/ml) of non-animal origin and is highly purified. The hyaluronic acid from which the product is made has the same unique structure as the natural hyaluronic acid found in the body. The composition includes mannitol (9 mg / ml), which reduces the inflammatory reaction at the injection sites (reduces the risk of bruising and swelling during the procedure) and additionally stabilizes hyaluronic acid. The contents of the syringe were sterilized with hot steam. The manufacturer ExoCoBio carries out strict quality control, control is carried out directly at each stage of production.
Celosome Aqua is used for simple non-surgical injectable procedures that bring instant results. The drug is used to moisturize, restore and rejuvenate the skin, stimulates the production of collagen, helps restore hydrobalance, increase elasticity and smooth out fine wrinkles.
A diuretic dehumidifying agent, used in cosmetics to a limited extent, can remove excess moisture from the body.
Mannitol is an inhibitor of the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, increasing the period of its active action on the skin.
Increases the resistance of hyaluronic acid to high temperatures.
It ensures the constancy of its physico-chemical characteristics even during long-term storage of preparations.
Promotes the removal of free radicals from tissues, thereby improving the condition of tissues and minimizing the destruction of hyaluronic acid in them.
Reduces the inflammatory response at the injection site.
Helps restore skin tone and elasticity.
Clinical Data
The use of Celosome Aqua has brought excellent results. After the procedure, patients noted that they became more attractive, self-confident and satisfied with their overall appearance. Clients who have used Celosome Aqua will also recommend this product to others and will most likely have another procedure.
Celosome Aqua Benefits:
Celosome Aqua is a hyaluronic acid-based biorevitalizant that is denser than most used in biorevitalization procedures.
The effect of visible rejuvenation can be seen after the first procedure.
Designed to quickly restore skin elasticity and youth due to high concentration of stabilized hyaluronic acid (24 mg/ml).
Pure non-animal cross-linked hyaluronic acid, genetically engineered and stabilized against degradation by HENM cross-linking technology.
The composition includes mannitol (9 mg / ml). This component: increases the ability of hyaluronic molecules to resist biodegradation, which further guarantees the preservation of the result. Helps restore skin tone and elasticity, and also protects it from free radicals and minimizes swelling after the procedure.
Minimization of puffiness and allergic reactions of the skin after the use of the drug.
Celosome Aqua provides an immediate and long-term rejuvenating effect.
It will bring complete satisfaction from the procedure and guarantee its absolute safety.
Celosome Aqua is produced by the South Korean company ExoCoBio, which was the first in the world to patent a new method of subcutaneous fat regeneration - each filler of the company is produced on the basis of exosomes and promotes fundamental skin rejuvenation.
Complies with international quality standards. This fact is confirmed by the assigned ISO, CE, GMP certificates.
Celosome Aqua indications for use:
Wrinkles and creases of varying degrees.
Pronounced bags under the eyes, puffiness.
Dehydration of the skin, excessive dryness.
Dull complexion.
Flabbiness of the dermis.
Increased activity of sebaceous secretion.
Post-acne traces.
Blurred contour of the face.
Stretch marks, stretch marks and scars
Rehabilitation after aggressive cosmetic procedures.
Hyaluronic acid gel 24 mg/ml. Mannitol 9 mg/ml.

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