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Fine is the product with the smallest particles that is suitable for delicate areas such as thin wrinkles and skin volume.

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**Kamomis Fill: Empower Your Beauty with Advanced 3D Crosslink Technology**

Discover the Strengths of Kamomis Filler:

Revolutionary Crosslink Technology for Unparalleled Results

Experience the revolutionary Kamomis Fill, enhanced with Original 3D Crosslink Technology. This innovative filler not only bridges and stabilizes hyaluronic acid, but also imparts remarkable elasticity, setting it apart from other products. After three years of meticulous research, Kamomis Fill stands as a pinnacle achievement, harnessing the best of existing fillers and delivering exceptional volume and retention.

Elevating Filler Technology:

Pushing Boundaries with High Elasticity and Cohesion

Kamomis Fill showcases gel particles that are meticulously small and uniformly structured, ensuring enduring solidity. Its finely tuned procedures result in a gel that maintains its form over time, allowing for a sleek outline. Its superior design and elasticity make it the ideal choice for expressing crisp contours.

Uncompromised Purity:

A Hyaluronic Acid Filler with Unrivaled Purity

Kamomis Fill is a paragon of purity, boasting an impurity level of a mere 0.0001%. With KFDA approval achievable for impurities and toxins within 2%, Kamomis Fill surpasses safety standards. Its exceptionally high purity hyaluronic acid offers unparalleled peace of mind.

Efficiency Meets Satisfaction:

Swift Action and Gratifying Outcomes

Experience the rapid absorption of Kamomis Fill into the body. Achieve satisfaction by effectively utilizing Hyaluronidase in areas that require adjustments. Kamomis Fill incorporates EP hyaluronic acid, a high-purity non-animal polymer, complemented by lidocaine endorsed by the European EDQM and the U.S FDA. This combination minimizes risk, while a thorough BDDE purification process guarantees safety.

Innovative Manufacturing Excellence:

Crafting High-Viscosity Fillers with Precision

Our cutting-edge technology delivers high-viscosity fillers. By ingeniously merging HA and BDDE, Kamomis Fill achieves a paramount three-dimensional structure. Our proprietary LCCP (Low Control Cross-Linking Process) technology ensures durability and exceptional viscosity.

Holistic Approach to Safety and Comfort:

Aseptic Environment, Optimized Injection

Benefit from our aseptic manufacturing environment, ensuring minimal side effects. Our toxin protein (Endotoxin) levels are maintained at less than 0.1 EU/ml, ensuring safety. Experience minimized discomfort with pH and osmotic pressure harmonized with the human body. Our optimized injection pressure guarantees a refined and comfortable procedure.

Guidelines for Your Well-Being:

Your Safety is Our Priority

Prior to the procedure, please refrain from treatment if menstruating or feeling unwell. If you have allergies, hypersensitivity, or are taking medications, inform your medical staff beforehand. Slight swelling and irritation post-treatment are normal. Avoid excessive touching of the treated area for one month after the procedure. As a melting injection, hyaluronic acid fillers may change shape. Expect temporary swelling around the eyes, cheeks, and lips, which will subside naturally within a week. Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and those under 18. Seek medical attention if severe swelling, pain, or heat occurs post-treatment.

Elevate your beauty experience with Kamomis Fill—where technology meets beauty, and excellence meets you.

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Kamomis Fine