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HP Cell Vitaran I by BR Pharm, a South Korean pharmaceutical, is a polynucleotide-based intradermal gel ideal for skin regeneration and collagen production. Recommended for the eye area, it promotes collagen and elastin, fights inflammation, and improves skin thickness and wrinkles. Its consistency allows for depot formation for lasting effects. Its application by Practitioner Daniel Albert in cooperation with kbeautydo in Dortmund, Germany, underscores its efficacy and popularity among professionals.

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HP Cell Vitaran I, crafted by BR Pharm in South Korea, epitomizes dermatological innovation with its polynucleotide (PN) formula, designed to enhance skin health and aesthetics. These biocompatible DNA fragments, derived from salmon and trout, stimulate fibroblasts and activate growth factors (EGF, IGF, FGF) to boost collagen and elastin production, crucial for maintaining elastic and firm skin. Specifically recommended for the sensitive eye area, the gel's unique texture facilitates the creation of depots, enabling deep and enduring regeneration.


The use of this product by Practitioner Daniel Albert in cooperation with kbeautydo in Dortmund, Germany,  highlights its effectiveness and the confidence professionals place in its regenerative capabilities. HP Cell Vitaran I aims to support the skin's natural healing processes, reduce inflammation, and visually rejuvenate the skin, making it a preferred choice for those seeking both medical and aesthetic skin improvements. By restoring skin thickness and reducing wrinkles, it offers an innovative solution for individuals looking for an effective and sustainable method to enhance their skin quality.

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Polynucleotide (PN 2 %)

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